Ash Scattering

GEM Sailing offers private scattering of ashes & memorial services from our yacht(s) on Lake Pepin on the great Mississippi River.  We provide dignified, affordable services.  The beauty and tranquility of the Valley makes it a perfect place to release ashes. The Allied Seawind ll, C&C, or Pearson – are excellent yachts for scattering ashes. They are stable and comfortable and the experience will be a special occasion for families and friends.


Ash Scattering memorials are typically two hours and prices range from $300 to $900. The price depends upon the number of guests and the number of yachts that are selected. We will often combine the ash scattering with a sailing tour of the Lake Pepin. Our guests have found this combined approach makes the whole event more memorable and enjoyable. Families appreciate that the ashes are scattered from a fine yacht and feel this type of ceremony is very appropriate. We can provide food and drink along with the memorial service. We take great pride in our work. We can accommodate up to 18 people on 3 boats for ash scatterings.


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